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Owen Paine

Age: 17 | Junior | FC: Tyler Posey | Drake | First Year Legacy | Open

Character background: Owen is from New Haven, Connecticut, his own home not very far at all from the Easton campus. His family is one of successful plastic surgeons, making a fortune off of altering the faces and bodies of Manhattan and area’s shallowest  and wealthiest residents. Owen’s life has been incredibly sheltered, with him living only in their lavish apartment, and not even ever having to walk anywhere in the city, as he’s always had a chauffeur to do so for him. Owen’s parents get along very well, and the boy is an only child, so they’ve spoiled and protected him to the point of no return.

Personality: Owen is what everyone else would consider, naive. He’s never really experienced, or seen other people and cultures, even though he lived all his life in one of the most diverse city’s about. He’s not very smart, and when it comes to humor and wit, Owen is miles behind. While he’s a sweet boy, there’s not much that can be done for him when it comes to conversations, as he’s lacking nearly all of life’s experiences to talk about. He’ll always pull a door open, and wouldn’t dare forget his manners, but once you get past that, Owen is about as intelligent as a pile of potatoes. It’s a good thing he’s kind, and funny in an unintentional way,  or no one would put up with him.

What they want from Easton: Owen wants to learn more about people, and become more into the ways of his peers, having never touched a bottle or a joint, never mind a girl. Owen just wants to fit in, and break through the social dead end that his parents seemed to have unintentionally thrown at him.