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Delilah Roberts

Age: 18 | Senior | FC: Jessica Szohr | Pemberly | Scholarship |

Character background : Delilah comes from the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah. The bustling and busy city was the perfect backdrop for the girl to grow up in, learning several things about quiet and sound, just by sitting in her apartment. Delilah was raised by her single mom, the only thing remnant of her father being the grand piano in the middle of their tiny apartment. Delilah took it upon herself to learn the keys, and discovered a natural talent at playing the piano. Her knowledge and skill at the instrument grew, until she was considered a prodigy with the keyboard, and offered a full scholarship to Easton.

Personality:  Delilah is soft-spoken and humble, mainly glad to be in such an esteemed school, learning her art and being taught among some of the nation’s most privileged students. She knows to never take anything for granted, but she’s very guarded, her years of being left alone causing her to be wary of the company of others.

What they want from Easton:  Delilah wants to continue her studies in piano, maybe break out of her shell, and become something wonderful. She’s not seeking out fame through deviant acts, or shocking behavior, but rather, through success.

Alex Quenton

Age: 16 | Freshman | FC: Freddie Highmore | Drake

Character Background: Alex is Karly’s twin brother, and he also comes from Pemberton, New Jersey. Alex is pale as can be, an effect of his spending hours on end in front of the television. His dreams are occasionally in black and white, due to his over exposure to film noir. Alex is this way for a reason however, as his parents are divorced, leaving him to spend his years juggling between living with his politician dad, and sister, or with his crazy artist mother. Since Alex never chose which home he would stay at permanently, his parents strived for his affection, treating him as a toy, and not a child.

Personality: Alex was drawn into the classical movie genre (black and white era) because the appeal of a perfect family is something that he likes a lot. Alex is a bit antisocial, preferring the comfort of the television room over the loud events of the other students. The world by the television is predictable and safe, just as he likes it. Alex isn’t a risk taker, actually, he’s rather square, avoiding any situation where he may be pushed out of his comfort zone.

What they want from Easton: Alex wants to slip by unnoticed, maybe get a few good friends, but really, all he wants is the wonderful families he watches on his television.

Ariana Osgood

18 | Senior | FC: Emilia Clarke | Fifth Year Legacy | Billings |Taken

Character Background:  Ariana comes from a line of incredibly wealthy professors and scientists. Her family has been associated with intelligence and wealth for so long, that it’s nearly impossible to escape the umbrella that she falls under. Ariana lives in Manhattan with her mother, and while the other city kids prefer a life of indulgence and loud reckless partying, Ariana has always found a preference for the quiet retreat of the massive New York Public library.

Personality:  Ariana is one of the quietest  members of the Billings girls, possessing blue eyes, ethereal white-blond hair, and a penetrating stare. She is known for always having her nose in a book, and is considered one of the Billing’s girls most central members. While she’s quiet and reserved, Ariana’s got the history and looks to pull off being one of their most respected girls. There aren’t many people who’ll mess with an Osgood, especially with the lineage that she boasts. Ariana isn’t mean however, she’d just rather avoid all the other students, preferring to be with just her friends, or on her own.

What they want from Easton:  Ariana just wants her time at Easton to pass quickly, and quietly. While it’s not part of her nature to want to change, she just wants the whole experience to be over as soon as possible, so she can continue on with her quiet, enjoyable life.

Owen Paine

Age: 17 | Junior | FC: Tyler Posey | Drake | First Year Legacy | Open

Character background: Owen is from New Haven, Connecticut, his own home not very far at all from the Easton campus. His family is one of successful plastic surgeons, making a fortune off of altering the faces and bodies of Manhattan and area’s shallowest  and wealthiest residents. Owen’s life has been incredibly sheltered, with him living only in their lavish apartment, and not even ever having to walk anywhere in the city, as he’s always had a chauffeur to do so for him. Owen’s parents get along very well, and the boy is an only child, so they’ve spoiled and protected him to the point of no return.

Personality: Owen is what everyone else would consider, naive. He’s never really experienced, or seen other people and cultures, even though he lived all his life in one of the most diverse city’s about. He’s not very smart, and when it comes to humor and wit, Owen is miles behind. While he’s a sweet boy, there’s not much that can be done for him when it comes to conversations, as he’s lacking nearly all of life’s experiences to talk about. He’ll always pull a door open, and wouldn’t dare forget his manners, but once you get past that, Owen is about as intelligent as a pile of potatoes. It’s a good thing he’s kind, and funny in an unintentional way,  or no one would put up with him.

What they want from Easton: Owen wants to learn more about people, and become more into the ways of his peers, having never touched a bottle or a joint, never mind a girl. Owen just wants to fit in, and break through the social dead end that his parents seemed to have unintentionally thrown at him.

Myra Ruiz

Age: 17 | Junior | Charlavail Effron | Pemberly

Character background: With how Myra presents herself, no one would have ever guessed that the “hipster” grew up in one of the most high class neighborhoods in Plano, Texas. With majority of her family living in one of the wealthiest cities in the United States, as a young girl, she was always around people who wanted the finest and nothing but the finest. As she grew older, she began to take a liking towards the more overlooked things in life, her social status becoming something she hardly ever thought about, if even at all. Labeling most of her family and childhood friends as “snooty” she was quick to pick up and leave at her first chance. After the first two years of high school at Bellville High, she talked with her mother and step-father, getting full permission to move north and settle in with her father in Connecticut. 

Personality: Myra Ruiz is known as the hipster around campus. She practices independent thinking with everything she does - whether it’s how she dresses, how she styles her hair, how she wears her makeup, the way she speaks, the music she listens to, she’ll make sure to show off her own and creative way of viewing the world. She’s known around campus for her witty banter and for her habit of constantly changing her appearance. In her head, things that stay the same for long grow old and give off bad vibes of failure. Though she gets many funny looks, she’s oblivious to it all and just focuses on what she wants to see. Myra is one of the few girls at the academy who avoids drama, but if she does ever come face-to-face with a person who talks badly about something she feels very passionately about, she will make sure to speak her mind. Other than that, she’s a care-free girl and is very laid back and sort of just goes with the flow of everyday life. 

What they want from Easton: Though she’s never voiced this, Myra has a set goal to get the whole of Easton to see things as she does. With the amount of drama-starting rumors flying about the school, she wants to somehow stop all of the hatred, creating a loving environment where everyone is equal. Though she’s only one girl, she’s very determined to get the students of the academy to learn how to deal with things in a more orderly manner.

Colin Nowlan

Age: 19 | Senior| FC: Evan Peters | Drake

Character Background: Colin has had a rough life for a kid his age. When he was just six years old, he lost both of his parents to a freak skiing accident. No one saw or knew the avalanche was coming, but it swept over the pair, leaving Colin alone. The rest of his childhood consisted of being bounced around from foster home to foster home. At age 13, he started with drugs and hanging out with all the wrong people. Freshman year, he was kept back because he was so far gone, he failed all of his classes. As he tried to stop himself from dying a young death, he got help for his addictions. Yet Colin’s past always seems to haunt him. He’ s the student that is seem moping around and keeping to himself. That is unless you are one of the lucky few he lets in.

Personality: Colin is a depressed person through and through. He is self destructive and a bit of a prick. It takes a special kind of person to get though to Colin and his dark demeanor. The boy internally beats himself up a lot over silly things like missing a class or snapping at someone for no real reason. He’ll never admit to it though. Colin is the typical, “the glass is half empty” kind of guy.

What they want from Easton: Easton was Colin’s escape. Using the money his parents left him in their will for college, Colin got a one way ticket to Easton. Now he is no longer in any foster homes and he can do what he pleases. Hopefully, he can find a few people who can drag him out of his dark place and help him realize that he has the full potential of being a good guy.

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